What The Verity Group Means To Me

noun: verity; plural noun: verities
  1. a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.
    “the eternal verities
    • truth.
      “irrefutable, objective verity”
      late Middle English: from Old French verite, from Latin veritas, from verus ‘true.’


When I Determined in my mind and heart that opening an independent real estate office was an inevitable aspect of my life path, I set about to find just the right name. A name that stood for the principles and culture I desired to create not just for myself but for all those that would join in the future. I determine that I would start with my “Big Why” That is…. the reason I do, what I do.

My “Big Why” is this…. I remember graduating form high school filled with hope and the desire to change the world for the better. To love other and encourage them to love, really connect with human beings and help them to see the value of themselves, to live fully and draw others into living fully, each moment of our lives. In a nutshell, I believe my life on this planet is justified by my service to my fellow human beings.

I found the ability to serve fully in parenthood and in real estate. Most of us understand that in parenting it is Fundametally Inbred that we put our children and their welfare first. It is easy for parents to love, protect, empower, and serve their children, we were made that way. For me, it is the same in Real Estate.


I Love the opportunity to serve my clients, to put their needs first to show them how important they are, to empower them to an understanding that they are the boss. That the industry (agents, lenders, title, inspectors, appraisers etc) all work for them. That we all receive the gift of having them employ us and that gift should not be taken for granted.

I cannot live my life for money, fame, power or politics. It would “cheapen” my existence. I must put love, service, and life first in all aspects, professional and private. I cannot live or work in fear of displeasure from anyone for standing for what is right. This is The Verity of my belief.


Wendy Stockwell-Lopez

Broker Owner

The Verity Group

Wendy Stockwell-LopezTVG Logo Photo

The Verity Group
185 North Vernal Ave. #1 
Vernal UT 84078
(435) 781-2642 Office
(435) 219-3696 Mobile


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