I Have the Best Clients! Thank You All!

We had so much fun giving out Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving to Wendy’s Clients! 

Thank you to everyone that made this day special!

Thanks Jeff Savage from Academy Mortgage for bringing the pies!

A Huge Thank you to all the Clients that

Donated their Pies to the Food Pantry!

Thank you to the Following Individuals that donated there pies:

Matt Alder, Lincoln & Raelynn Anderson, Annette & Danny Memmott, Wade Argyle, Bryce Beavers, Megan Bell, Shaeleah Beltran, Aaryn Birchell, Dee Burgess, McKay Christensen, Sarah Chandler, Regan Copland, Valneva Dalton, Nick Eaton, Ann & Jeff Edwards, Rusty Farnsworth, Bryan Fox, Coy Jacson, Dave Knudson, Wendy Mendoza, Nathan Menefee, Kevin Nate, Patty Patton, Darian Price, Adam Richards, Heather Reese, Stephen Sandau, Heidi Segelke, Danny Sessions, Wacy Slaugh, Earl Snyder, Whitney Szabo, Shane Talayumtewa, Miles Thompson, Brownie Thomlinson, Alex Truby, Ken Ward, Edward Wolfram

TVG Logo Photo

Wendy Stockwell-Lopez
The Verity Group
185 North Vernal Ave. #1 
Vernal UT 84078
(435) 781-2642 Office
(435) 219-3696 Mobile

To see more Listings Visit: http://www.thewendywayrealty.com


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